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ATLAS AI Uses and Industries

Flexible, Powerful, and Scalable
ATLAS AI is the ultimate platform to offer brand-agnostic Device as a Service (DaaS) subscriptions

Connected assets open the door for a lot of new client relationship dynamics.  In most cases, this means expectations are higher and prices are lower.  Information commoditizes much of what used to be "value add," leaving many VAR's stuck just being "R" (resellers).

Your clients need you, but on their terms.  Organizations of every size are pursuing more agile operations.  Their focus is shifting from having the latest-and-greatest devices on their desks to having the RIGHT devices for the role they're being used for.  Optimizing the device, the human, and the role to achieve a desired outcome is the norm, meaning the best delivery method to stay in sync with your clients is DaaS.

ATLAS AI is a powerful ITAM / MSP / DaaS tool because it merges disparate data onto one screen and tracks the entire device lifecycle

Most organizations have multiple systems to help manage their asset-related tasks and workflows. These systems, in turn, generate massive amounts of data, nearly all of which is "siloed" and inaccessible to other platforms.

ATLAS AI for ITAM / MSP's integrates data from across disparate systems, providing users with a normalized, unified view of their assets.  

ATLAS AI tracks vehicles from acquisition to reconditioning to sale and post-sale service

ATLAS AI for Automotive Dealerships integrates with your existing tools to make critical workflows visual and simple to track.  


A powerful financial dashboard, automated reconditioning tracker, digital police book, sales leaderboard and real-time inventory/floor check tool puts your dealership operations—whether one store or several spread across the country—at your fingertips.

ATLAS AI creates and tracks service tickets and service project milestones

ATLAS AI provides Facilities Managers with a powerful platform to assign, track, manage and monitor service requests any time, and from anywhere.  ATLAS AI's onboard ticketing system allows users to associate jobs with specific assets, then track service history over time to help make intelligent decisions regarding lifecycle and long term maintenance decisions.

ATLAS AI's robust capabilities also automatically update billing and audit records so you can focus on serving your customers, not wondering if your back office paperwork is correct.

Facilities Management
ATLAS AI's project tracking module and device integrations give users deeper insight than ERP systems

ATLAS AI's project tracking module, coupled with its device integration capabilities and powerful onboard BI gives manufacturing companies depth to their data that is unreachable by ERP systems.  

Want to see reports on how a particular machine interacts with a process and a specific raw material?  ATLAS can do that...then set up a communication channel for that machine to tell you any time it experiences an anomaly.

ATLAS is taking manufacturing processes to new heights, led by data from people, processes, and technology.


In addition to IT assets, healthcare companies and hospital systems rely heavily on patient-facing tools and equipment every day.  Some have technology embedded in them (nurse carts, beds, monitors and pumps, etc.), others do not (wheelchairs, oxygen bottles, surgical kits, etc.), but all of them are essential to patient care.  When the cost of not having access to one of these assets means patient issues, then OT asset management becomes paramount.  

ATLAS AI can merge IT asset and OT asset data onto a single platform and provide specific access either (or both) to make sure you have exactly what you need, when you need it to care for your patients' wellbeing.

ATLAS AI quickly tracks and makes it easy to find key medical devices, like wheelchairs, nurse carts, monitors and pumps
ATLAS AI takes asset management to the third dimension by mounting RFID scanners on drones

Sometimes, the best way to gather inventory data is from the air.  ATLAS AI integrates with real time location system (RTLS) data to optimize location ID...and mounting a RFID scanner, for example, to a drone to fly above your environment is a fast and effective way to get the most accurate read on your assets. 

Remote Sensing

Campaigns run on ideas and money.  ATLAS AI, when integrated with iFileMe, provides candidates with an instant outreach tool to modernize the second oldest profession.

Whether you need walk maps for volunteers, a database to track voter interactions, a way to instantly communicate with constituents, or you want to conduct pop-up fundraising appeals, ATLAS AI's platform has done it all.

Political Campaigns
ATLAS AI, coupled with iFileMe, maps voter walk routes, tracks voter contact, and allows you to deploy pop up polls and fundraising appeals
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