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The ATLAS Story: Asset Management, IOT and Digital Transformation

The ATLAS Story

A brief glimpse of our past as we look at the road ahead meeting future visions and innovations. 

ATLAS is uniquely situated to help its clients manage massive amounts of data, turning it into easily accessible information.

The company was founded in 2005 and was initially a managed print services company. The initial endeavor was successful but as the print market took a downturn between 2007 and 2010, as a result of digitization, fewer people were printing and devices were becoming less expensive and at the same time, a new market need was burgeoning: cyber security. 


To meet this new demand the company changed its course in 2010 and became focused on securing print devices from cyber attacks while also providing basic IT managed services, including print. The company offered a wide array of services, one of which was integrated systems asset mapping. While projections for cyber security needs were significant, the market proved that it loved the idea of putting assets throughout an IT environment on a digital map.  


Print Command re-branded as a platform for asset management (IOT) and relaunched as such in 2014. Atlas from this point forward did and does not not offer managed services. Since re-launching, ATLAS has continued to adapt to market needs based on its original core competency: integrating disparate tools to make them work together.  

ATLAS is currently a Platform As A Service (PAAS) offering to company, aiding in transition to digitalization with focus on transparency and security. Previous use cases and history has shown our platform to be extremely flexible and elastic and with military grade security manage millions of assigned assets. 

If you are in the areas of merger an acquisitions or you own a company in need of taking the step to digitalize, please connect with us for a discovery call.

We also work with creative solutions and partnerships to increase your company's value before a merger or a sale.


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