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ATLAS AI Social Assets

Makes managing assets familiar...and simple

With ​its platform integrations and onboard BI, ATLAS AI is a powerful tool indeed...but it's also extremely user friendly and easy to use.  In fact, if you can follow someone on Twitter or update your status on Facebook, you can be an asset management guru.  ATLAS AI allows you to “follow” specific devices, interact with them as you would someone in your social network, and automatically gather, prioritize, and report statuses so you can take action faster than with any other platform.  Your life is already busy enough, why add the complexity of having to track down assets in a cumbersome application?  

We designed ATLAS AI with a familiar user interface and intuitive navigation so you already know how to use it. From an administrative perspective, it’s quick and easy to grant temporary contractors, client end users, or external auditors access to device information as a part of your asset management or managed services program.  This also makes it easy for end users to self-manage their devices without intrusive surveys, interviews, or other manual update methods.


  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Follow/unfollow devices based on your business needs

  • Easily control access based on user role or business requirements

  • Assets report their own status; no more searching and filtering to find the information you need


  • Saves time and money—no extensive training time required

  • Reduce effort required by focusing on specific, mission-critical assets within an environment

  • Allow end users greater flexibility in self-managing assets without adding additional risk

  • Control who has access to what and for what period of time

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