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Whats the new, sexy, Managed print Services?

Original Post: April 6, 2016

Greg Walters

  • Is MpS the new document management tool? 

  • Is it business intelligence and analytics? 

  • Is managed print services the future of managed services or the other way around? 

Your MpS practice incorporates many tools to satisfy your MpS contractual obligations.  

For example, you may be utilizing PrintAudit for data collection, an assessment tool  and supplies reporting mechanism.   Some of your customers might be reporting through WebJet Admin.  Once meter reads are completed through the same or additional tool, your billing system takes over, generating invoices, and collecting revenue.  

Maybe you see the advantages of outsourcing the toner supply side of your practice with Great American, LMI, Supplies Network, Axess  - you may engage multiple solutions. 

When your MpS customer calls for service, technicians are dispatched, service parts installed or ordered and tickets closed.  The same for help desk tickets and somewhere, warranties are verified to insure proper credit is received for parts exchange. Lease expiration dates, typically the responsibility of sales, are managed in a separate tool, perhaps E*Automate or SalesForce.

On top of all this, you might be able to run a separate P/L. 

Consider how many functions and tools mentioned above: The DCA, help desk, service dispatch, accounting, billing, remote management, toner/supplies reporting and fulfillment - at least six separate data bases which do not talk to each other.  

We complain each time we're tasked with presenting a review of the practice to the executive board.  ASCII dumps, Crystal Reports, and pivot tables digesting data from silo's of data then cut and pasted into a nice tidy report. This is both a proven process and staggering hindrance. 

So what’s the new, sexy Managed print Services? Full-line integration and one-touch information from Atlas. 

We integrate disparate databases, present relevant data on single sheet of glass and utilize your existing tool set; no ‘rip and replace’, no expensive and time consuming monolith of programing. With Atlas, it is possible to manage your business with existing tools and without the pain of creating spreadsheets and pivot tables.  

One More Thing - 

Your practice is full of silos, but imagine your customers'.  Do you think they would like to see IT assets, maybe even printers, with relevant data from databases like WebJet Admin, SCCM, LanDesk, or MobileIron, on one screen?  

I know they do, go ahead and ask them.  

Once you’ve implemented and seen the positive impact in your business, help your customers by offering to manage their assets.  Embed asset management into you managed print services agreements.

Curious? We’re hosting a web session reviewing Atlas in the managed print services niche.

Join us! 

Register here.


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