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Three Reasons to Sell ITAM with MpS

Original Post: October 26, 2016

Greg Walters

As our world moves beyond toner and service, managed print services slips into the mundane, boring, and commoditization.    Once there were no providers, today, thousands of practitioners scour the landscape in search of disgruntled MpS clients and new prospects.

MpS has driven business and there are many successful, full service MpS practices.  But the well will run dry, print will reduce - nobody is copying like its 1969.

For those who derive a living through MpS, how do we remain relevant, build relationships and keep the revenue flowing on the downside of the curve?

We jump the curve.

We add services, transform our portfolio and stay on the the cutting edge of innovation, right?

In this effort, many are looking toward the IT realm. This sounds great but the journey is proving formidable - investing in a NOC or help desk is expensive and retraining existing or hiring new sales talent takes time.

Wouldn't it be nice to find an offering that builds upon your existing tools and processes, requires little sales training and helps IT departments everywhere?  How about providing a service customers naturally recognize as valuable and are willing to pay for, on a monthly basis?

I suggest we "Jump the Curve" with IT Asset Management(ITAM).

What is IT Asset Management? 

“IT asset management(ITAM) provides an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, funding, contractual and sourcing decisions” - Gartner

Sounds complicated, but I believe "If you can sell a copier, you can sell anything.”  I’m not suggesting you become an ITAM expert, complete with certification and 10,000 hours of learning under your belt.  I am proposing you offer services to fulfill one component of a successful ITAM program: inventory mapping.  With the right tool, the process is as simple as a print assessment.

Three reasons to sell IT asset management:

  1. Relationship

  2. Relevance

  3. Revenue

Relationship -

In the 70’s, we sold the strength of our “Product”.

In the 90’s, we sold our “Product” bundled with “Services".

In the 2000’s, we sold with a "Customer Centric” spin.

Today, coming full circle, we're in " Relationship Centric” selling cycles.

The best “relationships” are built on honesty and exceed two dimensions.  Providing toner and service on a monthly bill, is at best two dimensional and more likely one dimension to your client.  

Why not open up to a more enriched affinity?  Knowing that ITAM causes heartburn for IT Directors and understanding how to relieve that pain, raises your conversation and advances your relationship beyond the toner cartridge.

When you provide a listing of IT assets alongside your print devices, your IT contact need only review one source - you - when looking to refresh assets.  Map BOTH print and IT assets when performing an assessment and deepen your relationship.

Relevance -

The current battle for the office is not about capturing more ‘clicks’, its about remaining relevant and you're not the only party struggling for the spotlight - your customers are scrambling as well.  IT departments across the globe are looking for seats at the big table; they want to be part of the decision process helping guide the company.  The days of ‘pulling cable’ are long past.

How can an IT Director be a visionary, when his staff is out counting desktops and tablets? Toiling over pivot tables and Crystal reports, restricts the ability to innovate and evangelize the strategic benefits of IT.  When providing IT asset inventory services, you free up the most valuable resource; time.  More time to dedicate to strategic, relevant, IT issues.

Revenue -

New revenue streams.  Everybody wants some, I want some too.  

Our unscientific studies show that for every output device, on average, there are five to ten IT assets. If you’re writing MpS engagements and performing assessments for accounts with 200 or more devices, you are walking past 2,000 revenue generating assets.

Revenue with one cost component; no toner, shipping, service, or milage costs.

One More Thing -  Don't be a tool, use a tool.

Atlas has ITAM in its DNA.  We can help solidify your MpS practice and dig additional opportunities out of your existing client base.  All without a huge investment in training or replacing your existing tool set.

We believe the future contain's fewer print and copy devices - when that days comes, you'll be comfortable with the choices you made today, or lamenting the days of plenty (of clicks).

"There's no paper in the future, because there's no future in paper."

Join us.


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