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The Pain in Your Assets...Cured!

Original Post: August 21, 2017

We know all too well what a pain asset management can be.  We also know how [in principle] to make the pain of full lifecycle asset management easier to bear (as discussed here and here).  Now I want to share the secret of how we do it in practice...  

...and it's no secret.

Anyone who manages, inventories, purchases, or services assets of any kind knows there's an endless list of tools available to help them do their jobs.  And while a plethora of tools is typically good, too many cause confusion, inefficiencies, training issues, and delays.  ATLAS provides a platform for all the information generated by every tool our clients have already invested in, without needing any specialized training to use it like a pro.  That means new employees are up and running on day 1, key system "know-how" doesn't leave when someone leaves or changes jobs, and covering for an employee who's out requires zero system cross-training.  So, if you're:

an IT department with

  • a configuration and deployment tool,

  • a CMDB,

  • a service desk application, and

  • an accounting system

or an MPS practitioner with

  • a ticketing tool,

  • a print monitoring application, 

  • a help desk program, and

  • a billing system

or an auto dealership with

  • a DMS,

  • an accounting system,

  • a floor plan tracking spreadsheet,

  • a police book, and 

  • a CRM

or even a facilities manager with

  • a ticketing system,

  • an inventory tool,

  • a dispatch application, and

  • a parts management database

...or you have any number of other asset management responsibilities, ATLAS was tailor-made to simplify your life.  We do this not by being different than asset management tools; rather, we do it by designing our applications to be as similar as possible to platforms that everyone already knows how to use.  I've mentioned before that one of our clients told us we're "the Facebook of Asset Management."  Well, I don't feel comfortable leaving out Twitter and LinkedIn too...that is, if you can use any of these social media applications, then you already know how to use ATLAS.  That's what makes us different. That's what makes us the best.  

If you're ready to cure the pain your asset management program, let us know and we'll show you how ATLAS makes being incredibly productive as easy as wasting your whole day on social media.  

Can I get a "Like" for that??


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