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The Key to Sales: Know First

Original Post: August 23, 2017

The biggest challenge in sales is knowing what your clients need before they do...then providing it before they have to ask.  It's tough to do!  That's why so many sales today--even planned and scheduled device refreshes--rely heavily on speculation and guessing.  It's a modern day version of looking into a crystal ball, with just about the same level of accuracy.

But what if that were different?  What if, as a dealership, value-add reseller, consultant, service provider, or manufacturer you knew exactly what your customers needs were at any time--not just at a formal account review?  What if you showed them precisely what to replace, when to replace it, and how much to make the purchase order out clicking a button?  

That's the key to sales...and you can do it, right now.

Data creates information...and information is power.  ATLAS collects data from disparate sources, normalizes it, then applies configurable analytics to equip you with information your clients value.  Knowing when assets become liabilities is a key part of the information we deliver, and we make it simple to share via our Lifecycle Leaderboard.  Configured by you with the criteria that is important to each of your clients, the Lifecycle Leaderboard rank-orders each device by its likelihood to fail in the future.  It's not guesswork, speculation, or gazing into a crystal ball.  It's an experience-driven, data-based, "take-it-to-the-bank" reliable way to continually pour value into your client relationships.

Want to "know first?"  Drop us a note and schedule a demo.  We're not mystics, psychics, fortune tellers or palm readers, but we will show you how to forecast the future.


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