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The International Language of Data.


Romance...something that Paris has had an unofficial market dominance on for years. Some say it's because of the people. Others say it's the City of Lights itself. Still others claim that it's the French language--the way the words and inflections mingle in your ears is like verbal lovemaking. They say, in fact, that French is the international language of love.

Consider this your cold shower of reality, Gaston.

There's nothing more romantic than success--specifically, business success. And succeeding in business requires a number of things, none more fundamental, however, than good information. Information tells you when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, and when to run. It's the cornerstone of every decision you make...even "gut instincts" are based on information. So it stands to reason that the clearer and cleaner your information, the better your decisions.

So information is key, right? Yes...and no.

At the risk of mixing themes, if information is the stream of water from which good decisions flow, data is the individual molecules of hydrogen and oxygen that make the stream possible. If you have bad data, you get bad information, and you make bad decisions. In romantic terms, it's like the beautiful swan turning back into the ugly duckling...or Belle's beloved prince becoming the beast again...or one of the ugly stepsisters actually fitting her fat foot into the glass slipper. [Can you tell I have a young daughter?]

My point: good data is paramount. The only way to verify the quality of the data defining your information and, in turn, fueling your decisions is to build redundancies into how it's analyzed and processed. At ATLAS, our clients subscribe to our services because we provide a tremendous amount of Business Intelligence (BI) to compliment our socialized asset management platform. The BI we provide helps them make the best decisions possible because we go to great lengths to ensure the data we use is either organically pristine, or it can be cleansed and validated through a number of different analytical process. It's dirty, it's tough...but it's all for the romance of success.

So the next time you're strolling down the Champs Elysées, or standing outside Notre Dame Cathedral, or even gazing up at the Eiffel Tower, tip your beret to the real source of all the romance you're feeling--the data used to make all those things a reality. And if you want to get swept up in the romance of success in your business, whisper sweet nothings in our ear...we promise that you'll never look at data the same again.


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