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The Holy Grail...And Other Cool Stuff

Original Post: July 10, 2016

A few quick updates...a case study and the Holy Grail of managed services: client assessments.

1. We're looking to release a case study soon that we just finished the preliminary calculations on.  It's really something.  The time and hard cost savings Atlas is delivering is, as the kids say nowadays, "ah-maz-ing."

2. We've always believed that the most important (and oftentimes the hardest) part of any managed services engagement is the client assessment.  This is typically gathering all the user environment data that can't be electronically gathered...and if you miss it, you miss the point of what your client needs you for.  Well, our assessment tool (integrated with our managed services platform) tames this beast and allows you to not only gather the data quickly and painlessly, but also quantify the human side of your managed services engagement.  

We can't wait to show it to you...drop us a line and reserve some time for a demo.  It won't take long...and it'll be fun to see how easy it is to capture all the stuff you've missed for so long.

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