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Stephanie Addis Has Got It Goin' On!

Helen of Troy's face may have launched a thousand ships, but that's Junior Varsity compared to Stephanie Addis. "Who is she and what did she do," you ask? According to "The Social Network" (for what it's worth), she was a student in Zuck's Art History class at Harvard and, more importantly, fellow Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz's romantic interest. Here's how "Stephanie Addis" changed the world as we know it today: In typical awkward young adult fashion, Dustin asked Mark "The Matchmaker" Zuckerberg if he knew if she was dating anyone and whether she'd like to date him. Zuck, exasperated by the question, quickly realized that his friend's frustration was actually the key to Facebook: relationship status.

A thousand ships? Pfff. Stephanie Addis is responsible for 1.9 billion users each month! (CNN)

The significance of this idea should not be understated. The concept catapulted Facebook from little more than an extension of Zuckerberg's blog, "Zuckonit," to being something that has nearly universal appeal and has transformed (for better or worse) how millions of people communicate every day.

Coincidentally, it's also exactly the same concept behind ATLAS AI.

Just as all the interesting stuff we all like to read about on Facebook starts with a human telling their story, all the stuff you want to hear about in an asset environment starts with a device "telling" it's story. ATLAS AI, through both smart design and nearly limitless integration capabilities, gives every asset in it a "voice"...and a platform to make that voice heard. That means you don't ever miss any updates or alerts from devices that you REALLY need to hear from; conversely, AI also allows you to filter the noise coming from assets you're not worried about by giving your the ability to "unfollow" them.

So, assets communicating their status and socializing their's real and it's only possible with ATLAS AI. I won't go so far as to say this is "the Facebook of asset management"...because our customers already do.

And all of this because of little 'ol Stephanie Addis. Yeah, I'd say she's got it goin' on! Come visit us today and see what her legend has inspired.

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