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Pain in the Asset, Part II

Original Post: August 17, 2017

In the first part of this blog, we talked about what a pain asset lifecycle management can be.  While I gave an example of what an IT organization goes through, it's the same general principle whether you're managing automobiles, livestock, buildings, perishables--whatever.  There is a start and an end to the life of everything we classify as an asset in our lives, and without an integrated, data-driven approach to strategizing the lifecycle, you're bound to hit rough waters far more frequently than you'll experience smooth sailing.

Easy for me to say, right?

Well, it is.  And it's easy for anyone if they use a tool like ATLAS, for instance, that integrates with all the platforms used throughout the lifecycle process (such as a purchasing system, configuration tools, deployment trackers, and CMDB/network monitoring tools), combines it with BI for actionable reporting, and makes it intuitive to interact with the data on a single platform.  Still easy for me to say, right?  Yup...because ATLAS is the only tool that actually does all this.

First, we start by looking at the early stages of an asset's life and reporting progress on purchasing and configuration.  Next, we roll that data into the deployment project queue, which naturally progresses into the active asset management phase.  Finally, as the asset's lifecycle concludes, ATLAS reports on the refresh/recycling/disposal phase...but all of this is done on a single platform with continuous data focused on the individual asset itself.  We take the pain out of asset lifecycle management by making it intuitive--like following a friend on Facebook or Twitter.  

If you're tired of having pain come from your assets, let us know and we'll show you how ATLAS soothes and calms even the worst asset lifecycle management flare ups.

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