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Mostly Sexy People

Updated: Sep 5, 2017

Original Post: August 30, 2017

When you think of IT service techs, do you think "sexy?"  Of course you do!  Isn't that what MSP stands for...Mostly Sexy People?  I mean, sure, there are some exceptions, but let's face it, when your computer is down or your printer is jammed or your network has crashed, there's no one you'd rather see walking in your door than an IT technician...

...just not in a speedo or bikini.

What makes a Managed Service Provider (the slightly less glamorous, but much more common MSP) an IT hero?  Nowadays it's much more than asking if you've turned your computer off and on again or if you've made sure it's plugged in.  The real heroes in this space know how to solve issues--BIG issues--before they impact users.  That's where we come in.

Everyone who's anyone in the managed services industry today claims to do "proactive service."  All this means is that when they're out in the neighborhood they'll stop by and do a quick check up.  That's pedestrian at best, a complete waste of time and money at worst. Wouldn't it be better if the devices themselves could let you know when they think they're going to fail?  A data-based, experience-driven prediction that gets communicated to you in a mode that makes intuitive sense, and all on a platform that you already know how to use?  That's really cool.  No...on second thought, that's really sexy.

Want to find out how we're making Mostly Sexy People out of Managed Service Providers? You know you do!  It's simple--just drop us a note.  Once you start using ATLAS, I swear your days will be less of a grind and more like the video above...not EXACTLY like it...just a little closer to it.  


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