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Just In Case You Slept Through High School Physics

Crowds. Usually chaotic. Sometimes destructive. They're always, however, a tremendous source of potential if you can convert that potential to something kinetic and channel it to productive means, you've got something special.

And we've done just that. For asset management.

There are numerous components of asset management, and they vary by asset type, industry, company, sometimes even by geography. One thing consistent across the entire spectrum, however, is the need to inventory the assets you manage. In most cases, this is a headache that one person, one team, or one department is charged with doing...and something they loathe because it's time consuming, tedious, and expensive.

Enter ATLAS...and a crowd. Our configurable inventory module tames the inventory beast by crowdsourcing the solution and engaging the most logical resource to track assets: end users. It's successful because we make it super easy to use. It's powerful because we collect a massive amount of data for reporting with very little effort. It's viable because it costs a fraction of traditional inventory techniques.

So, in case you slept through high school physics, the Law of the Conservation of Energy says that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another. And if you've ever tried to get an IT team energetic about doing an inventory, you know that is true--even if you put doughnuts in the break room (OK, so that's not what they mean when talking about "creating energy..."). Let us show you how we help you convert and harness the power of a crowd to get a handle on your asset environment--you'll never look at a crowd the same way again.

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