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Ja, das ist DaaS!

It's nearly that time of year know, when beer flows like water and wurst and pretzels become the main diet for all who participate. I'm talking, of course, about when IT departments prepare for end-of-year device refresh and physical inventories. I mean, what else is there, right?


Along those lines, I was discussing that very topic with a VAR client a few days ago. They've been doing inventories and device refresh planning manually and as standalone projects for years. And I literally mean years—years of accumulated time that it took to physically account for each of their clients' devices and replace devices that were no longer relevant to their operations. I'll say it again...YEARS. Good grief. That's an insane amount of lost productivity. No wonder this time of year is all about beer, wurst, and pretzels!

Feeling bad for my friend who was clearly aging before my very eyes just thinking about going through the same exercises again this year, I started telling him about the advantages of our flagship offering, ATLAS AI, and how it:

  • integrates with all his tools to pull data from his CMDB, ticketing system, purchasing database, and other disparate systems they use each day onto one screen,

  • has an onboard BI tool with a world-class business intelligence engine behind it for custom reports and alerts,

  • has a standard report that tells him exactly what devices should be refreshed first and where they are in his clients' environments,

  • feeds critical device use information directly to stakeholders via a "social"-like newsfeed,

  • automatically does physical inventories, shortening the time it traditionally takes from days or weeks (or...again...YEARS!) to a few minutes, and

  • helps VAR's optimize the proper device with the end user and their role in the company.

Obviously, that news made his day. The biggest banes in his professional existence were about to be solved, thanks to ATLAS AI.


His response: "You know, Dave, that sounds a lot like something we've been wanting to implement here for a long really sounds like DaaS (Device as a Service)." I couldn't help myself. My response...

...wait for it...

"Ja, das ist DaaS!"


If you're ready to hoist your steins and cheer in a new way to reduce your IT service costs while increasing client satisfaction and raising productivity for everyone, drop us a note. If you do it now, you may be able to save some time conducting inventories and refresh planning this fall...which means more time for beer, wurst and pretzels! Prost!

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