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Independence, Baby

Original Post: July 4, 2016

It's the 4th of July in America...the day we celebrate arguably the highest profile "exit" by one governing body from another (I'll re-evaluate Brexit in 240 years for a fair comparison).  Declaring independence is a big deal, whether you're a government, a business, or an individual.  The first and last of these I don't have much impact on, but if you've declared your independence as a business, we believe you deserve a little fanfare.  After all, it's the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that drives the global economy--"common" men and women believing they have a manifest destiny and striking out to make that happen.  

Good on you, friend.

In the spirit of the holiday and celebrating independence, check out our tool that is revolutionizing (terrible pun intended...) the way managed print services is being conducted: ATLAS.  It can function on it's own or be integrated with other tools to provide unparalleled visibility into device fleets--printers and beyond--and make service delivery easier than ever. It's flexible and powerful, and starts a price point that fits in anyone's budget.

Declare your independence (again...sorry...couldn't help myself) from having to download data, run manual reports, and spend hours manually configuring updates for business reviews.  That's so 1775.  Get ATLAS and have all of that at your fingertips...just a tap away.

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