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"I'm Not Lost. I Just Don't Know Where I Am...Yet..."

Asset mapping is important. Let me illustrate:

Before the handy nav apps on my phone, I'd make like Magellan and launch off into unfamiliar areas on trips only to find that I wasn't sure where I was. All I knew is that I wasn't lost. Or something like that, anyway. Regardless, I couldn't find what I needed or where I needed to go because I didn't have a map.

When it comes to figuring out where we are, there's simply nothing better than a map. Even the most obstinate, "death-before-the-dishonor-of-asking-for-directions" dude has to admit that. So if we can agree that maps are indispensable for maintaining sanity between spouses on a road trip, doesn't it also make sense to use them for tracking down assets at work? Whether you need to find computers, printers, desks, chairs, heart monitors, surgical equipment, vehicles, manufacturing components, protective equipment, special can bet that when you need it most, you'll forget where it is. Don't want to ask? No sweat, check out the map.

ATLAS AI makes mapping assets simple and intuitive. We've been creating asset maps a long time, and the feedback we've collected over the years has made the mapping module in ATLAS AI, frankly, second to none. Not only are our maps dynamic and scalable, but so are the icons you plot to represent where things are. You can add layers, apply filters, and search for assets with specific attributes--all through an easy-to-navigate, visually-rich interface. What you can do with ATLAS AI maps is limited--literally--only by your imagination.

Need to zoom in on a specific office to see if the printer there is reporting an alert? Want to know if a vehicle that a customer would like to buy is on the lot? Curious to know where the nearest wheelchair is so your Emergency Department can provide the best care possible? All these asset manager headaches (and more!) have one common remedy: ATLAS AI. Want to see how we do it? Drop us a note. Once we show you how easy and powerful asset mapping with ATLAS AI is, you'll realize that your days of getting lost are over. And man, what a great feeling that is!

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