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ELO Digital Office USA Hosts Information Management Roundtable at AIIM Conference 2018

Session will address GDPR compliance, data migration, and decentralized security

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Jackie Thrasivoulos

ELO USA Public Relations


ELO Digital Office USA, enabling businesses to improve collaboration and streamline information management in a digital economy, announced it will host a roundtable session at the AIIM18 Conference (San Antonio, TX). Bringing together hundreds of information management professionals form around the world, AIIM is a knowledge-sharing forum on intelligent information management in a digital world. In addition to hosting the roundtable, ELO USA will showcase its enterprise content management solutions including ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELO enterprise at ELO Booth #21 (Grand Hyatt San Antonio; April 11-13).

Three Things Every Information Professional Should Know in 2018

The ELO USA Roundtable – “Three Things Every Information Professional Should Know in 2018” – will feature ELO Certified Business Partner Dave Westlake, CEO of ATLAS. The session will examine how legislation such as GDPR affects information and data management – specifically the migration of data accountability, the role of decentralized security, and how technology consolidation affects compliance.

“We are delighted to host this informative and timely roundtable discussion at AIIM,” noted Szilvia Horvath, CEO of ELO Digital Office USA. “But more importantly, we are eager to share a perspective on how ELO and ATLAS solutions can be used as data migration technologies that can provide new insights into business intelligence while increasing security and mitigating risk.”

During AIIM18, ELO enterprise content management solutions for SME and large enterprises will be featured as well as ELO Analytics. Seamlessly integrating with the ELO ECM suite of products, ELO Analytics enables users to:

  • Analyze and structure vast amounts of data in seconds;

  • Eliminate the need to external business intelligence tools;

  • Combine custom views and visualizations with intelligent dashboards; and

  • Interpret statistics for detailed analysis.

Editorial Note: To schedule one-on-one ELO demonstrations at AIIM18, send your request to

About ELO Digital Office USA

ELO Digital Office USA provides innovative digital content management solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries throughout the United States. ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise give businesses an electronic and secure way to easily capture, archive, and manage business documents and information – both paper-based and digital. A subsidiary of ELO Digital Office GmbH (founded in 1998), ELO USA is headquartered in Boston, MA and is part of a network of global ELO offices throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. ELO Digital Office GmbH has an extensive network of global business partners and maintains technology partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. Visit ELO USA. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.###All product and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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