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Does This Software Make My Butt Look Big?

Original Post: June 29, 2016

Systematic ROI generators, TCO calculators, automated current state vs. future state projections, etc.  Seems like there is a no-thought-necessary tool for every key function that defines service providers' value. Unfortunately, in an effort to make things easier, we've accepted this departure of the most important part of a business relationship...the relationship.

I guess I'm more of a business evangelist than a technology advocate.  Funny thing for a guy who owns a software company to say, right?  Well, maybe...but I believe that's exactly what sets Atlas apart from everyone else.  We know that people get things done, not software. Therefore our software, as we like to explain it, is like clothing.  If the body of your business relationships are in good shape, we'll accentuate your best features and make you **irresistible**.  If, however, you're not spending the time necessary to keep your body in shape, you'll have a hard time looking good in anything.  

This comparison is especially relevant now that we're in summer and outfit choices are becoming more and more, let's just say, revealing.  That 300 pound, middle-aged hairy dude in a speedo is like a business trying to shortcut building personal relationships by relying on someone else's software to do their thinking for them.  If you think that sounds gross (well, I hope you do anyway), think of how it looks to a customer when you whip out a completely automated report that tells them how much they're spending on something without actually investing the time to ask questions and find out how their business works. Yep, you guessed it--like a hairy 300 pound 50-something in a speedo.  Yuk.

At Atlas, we tailor our software deployments to meet you where you are--but not ever to take the place of your intelligence, intuition, or most importantly, the relationships that build the foundations of long-term business.  In fact, soon we'll release a new capability that helps you build a stronger inter-personal relationship... with software.  Intrigued?  

Drop us a note for a demo.  We promise to never put you in a situation where your butt looks big...or worse yet, where you're left looking like a big...well, you know.  

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