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Data is Your Most Important Asset

Original Post: May 6, 2017

The ATLAS labs have been buzzing.  

We've been going through coffee...and keyboards...on a frantic pace focusing on a new release with an entirely new outlook on asset management.  Over the past 6 months or so, we've been upgrading our backend, redesigning our interface, and integrating capabilities like never before with one fanatical emphasis: bringing life to your data.

Organizations may have thousands of computers, hundreds of printers, tens of thousands of mobile devices and infrastructure components...but managing these only gives one viewpoint in the overall assessment of people, processes, and technology.  If you want a complete view to make the best strategic decisions, you have to be able to amalgamate the data produced by your people and processes in addition to your technology.  ATLAS brings you that.

Sure, we still offer the most personal and intuitive way to interact with your devices through our best-in-class digital device mapping, but now we also offer best-in-class business intelligence, reporting, and alerting.  Want to see more?  Drop us a line at  We'd love to give you a demo and show you how you'll benefit from our latest releases.

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