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Darwinism and the Digital Office

Evolution, as the tortoise in his race against the hare, is nothing if not slow and steady. While the speed of transformation is relative to the entity or application evolving, Darwin's theory of change driven by the need to survive is prevalent in everything from biology to technology...and in the latter, "slow" is sometimes a matter of nanoseconds.

So it is with with the transformation of information management. Technology is enabling faster, more secure, and larger scales of data sharing which, in turn, has taken us from "print-and-file" to "tap-and-share" faster than it takes a millennial to leave a "corporate job." (OK, that wasn't is, in fact, the brilliance of many of these millennials writing incredible apps that makes all of this possible.) Regardless, the way we access and share information this year is different than how we did last year...and it will be different again (likely significantly different!) next year...or next week.

We're part of the evolutionary process, like it or not. So, in the "warm-hug," always-comforting, grandfatherly words of Darwin himself, "adapt, migrate, or die." I'm here to offer you something that will help with the first two and avoid the third.

Consider this an invitation to stave off irrelevance by learning about digital transformation through a couple of engaging case studies and several lessons learned along the way (so you don't need to repeat our mistakes!). Please join yours truly along, with Ken Ryan from OvitaS and Szilvia Horvath from ELO Digital Office USA on Tuesday, 30 January at 2 PM Eastern for a free webinar on "How to Lead Your Customers’ Transition to the Digital Office."

Here's a synopsis:

Every organization large and small is faced with the daunting task of getting ahead and staying ahead, and Digital Transformation is (or should be) a priority for every organization. Your role is to help your clients to electronically manage and archive their business documents and information so that it’s easily accessible and ready to go to work for them, no matter what industry or company size you work with.

But to do this, and do this well, you need tools – and platforms – at your disposal to provide all the functions and functionality that a company needs to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information across their entire organization. You need to have features like information capture, workflow, document processing, collaboration, and integration at your disposal.

In this webinar, we’ll hear case study examples of how companies like yours are helping customers do all this and more. You’ll learn ways you can help digitalize customers’ work environments and be their go-to source for their digital transformation efforts – all with a trusted business partner like ELO Digital Office.

Thank you to AIIM for hosting. I hope to see you there!

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