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Client Love as a Service

Original Post: August 25, 2017

Connected assets have opened the door for a lot of new client relationship dynamics.  In most cases, this means expectations have increased and prices have decreased.  And why wouldn't they?  Information has commoditized much of what used to be "value add," leaving many VAR's stuck just being "resellers."  In an information age where margins have been cut razor-thin, that's a tough way to compete.

It's time to start spreading some client love.  As a service.

Your clients need you...but they need you on their terms.  Even large enterprises are getting more and more agile, meaning quarterly business reviews where you tell them how much they love you are increasingly banal.  Client focus is shifting (and rightfully so) from having the latest and greatest devices on their desks to having the RIGHT devices for the role they're fulfilling in the organization.  It's a smart concept: optimizing the device, the human, and the role in order to achieve a desired outcome is now the norm...and it needs a different kind of delivery method.  Voila!  Device as a Service (DaaS) is born.  

To be frank, DaaS is not new.  But, like so many innovative ideas, v1 always looks clunky vis-a-vis v2, v3, v4, and so on (think: the first iPhone vs. what we're expecting for iPhone 8 in a few weeks...).  One thing we've learned from the early days of DaaS is that success requires a solid understanding of how every individual device in an organization functions.  The days of gathering massive amounts of data in a huge table then trying to sort it based on non-congruent, generic filter terms won't cut it any more.  That's like sword fighting with a pillow. DaaS delivery requires a system that will show you every minutiae of each device, but only precisely when and where it's needed.  If I may use another comparison, it's not just finding the needle in the haystack, it's finding it, evaluating it, and offering a replacement if it's not sharp enough--all before the client is interrupted. 

That's client a service.  And we're cupid.  Want to see how we help facilitate matches made in heaven?  Drop us a note for more information or to schedule a demo.  Our team will help you define, develop, and deploy your DaaS offering so the love goes on and on and on and on... 


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