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ATLAS-Auto - The Police Book

Original Post: May 2, 2016

Greg Walters

Like most businesses, new and used auto dealerships utilize many software packages.  

For those outside the industry, imagine the different functions and specialties within your neighborhood dealership: sales, inventory, service, interfacing with government agencies, returns, leasing, finance, banking, manufacturer rebates, trade-ins, reconditioning, on and on.

There is a lot going on behind that smiling car salesperson.

Even when streams of data are machinated into spreadsheets and presented on glowing monitors, there is one function often updated manually, with pen/pencil on paper: The infamous "Police Book".

Like the scribes of Egypt, information is transposed from automated systems into a log by hand.

Tracking a vehicle's life, through a chain of custody, is important for law enforcement, if the vehicle is ever stolen.  Because the logging process is manual, there is a probability for errors.

Atlas Auto eliminates this manual task, collecting data from disparate databases and automatically generating a Digital Police book:

The most important asset in dealerships, or every business, is the data created by processes.

ATLAS integrates with disparate software tools, translating massive amounts of data into immediately actionable, visual information.  

Would you like to learn more? Reach out to us today.


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