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Are Your Assets Islands of Data?

Original Post: March 8, 2016

Greg Walters

How much time do you commit to a physical inventory of your IT assets ?


What resources do you allocate to the task?  Once the numbers and locations have been collected, how long do you sit in front of your computer, tabulating the necessary data into usable information?

Do you access multiple applications, aggregating relevant data by straining multiple streams?  Are spreadsheets and pivot tables your ‘best friend’?  Do ASCII dumps, report generation and saving files as “.xls” give you the chills? How about converting .PDF to .XLS?  Yeah, we know.

Contemporary IT managers have more tools available than ever before - for every type of end-point, there is an application: 

  • WebJet Admin see’s your printers

  • PrinterLogic shows end-user print activities

  • SCCM tracks servers

  • MobileIron helps managed mobility

  • LanDesk aids in dispatch and support

  • Etc.

Individually, these applications are considered best in class and provide meaningful information within their specific niche.  Of course, when viewed globally, these niches become silo’s - if not islands.

And there’s the rub. In order to see the entire asset landscape - device location, operational costs, warranty, service history, help desk tickets generated, current status - these silo’s must be bridged.  If you’re in IT, you know exactly what I’m saying.

This is where ATLAS excels.

ATLAS centers your desperate databases, captures the comparative advantages of each to present a consolidated and efficient information with an intuitive user interface.  Once installed and configured, your specific data is formatted and presented visually on a map, diagram or table.  We show you what you want, how you wish to see it.

There’s more. Regardless of your business environment, ATLAS is a one-touch solution.  

Consider the following list of niche’s and monitoring applications:

  • Manufacturing - IQMS

  • Vehicle - World Tracking Solutions

  • HVAC - Global Spec

  • Printers - PrintAudit

  • PC’s - SCCM, Altiris

  • Servers - SCCM, DELL, IBM

  • Print cues - PrinterLogic

  • Mobility - MobileIron

  • GIS - ESRI

  • Water pump monitoring - SCADA

  • Helpdesk - SpiceWorks

  • Power Management - SmartPower

  • CRMs - Digital Gateway

  • Power Grid Systems - Smart Grid

  • RFID - Valiant

  • Farming - Connected Farm

With ATLAS, a farmer can cross-reference his feed costs with number, health and location of the herd. 

A health network can show location of RFID tagged oxygen bottles, fill history and past costs.

An IT director can view server, PC, mobile and tele-health assets with install date, target refresh date, configuration, the number of support tickets generated and IT costs.

ATLAS is flexible, distilling your data into information.

ATLAS does not require a 'rip and replace' of your existing tool set.

ATLAS is affordable.

Reach out to us today, schedule a demo and start viewing your data like never before.


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