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Asset Interactive

ATLAS AI for IT Asset Management

Socializing Asset Management

Is asset management a necessary evil in your organization?  Is it something that you or your service provider wishes was more centralized, controllable, and A LOT more intuitive?  Most IT professionals agree: just knowing where all the devices are in an environment is daunting enough, let alone auditing, optimizing, and effectively refreshing them.  In most scenarios, one tool does one of these tasks, another does something else, 2 or 3 others provide some ancillary support, and what isn’t able to be done with a systems tool invariably falls on someone’s desk for human intervention—and human error.  The status quo of asset management is a set of manual processes with some systems support…workflows are disparate and disjointed; results are disappointing.  ATLAS AI changes all of this.

This is not your father’s asset management tool.

Designed for service providers, VAR’s, and enterprise IT teams, ATLAS AI combines the power of existing systems tools with onboard business intelligence (BI), proprietary algorithms, and social media-inspired workflows to make asset management easier and more effective than ever before.  With ATLAS AI, you log in and immediately know the status of all your assets.  It’s that simple.

Familiarity and simplicity. 

If you can follow someone on Twitter or update your status on Facebook, you can be an asset management guru.  ATLAS AI allows you to “follow” specific devices, interact with them as you would someone in your social network, and automatically gather, prioritize, and report statuses so you can take action faster than with any other platform. 

You already know how to use ATLAS AI thanks to the familiar processes used throughout.  It’s quick and easy to grant temporary contractors, client end users, or external auditors access to device information as a part of your fleet management program.  This also makes it easy for end users to self-manage their devices without intrusive surveys, interviews, or other manual update methods.

Sexy.  And strong.

Don’t let the ease of use fool you, though.  Behind the intuitive UI is a powerful suite of user-designed features and capabilities that comprise a truly optimized, cradle-to-grave asset management experience.  At the heart of it all is the ATLAS-exclusive Lifecycle Leaderboard—a proprietary report that amalgamates data from each source (integrated tools, human inputs, process outputs, and device alerts) to list all the assets in the environment in the order that they’re likely to cause you grief.  Need to refresh 20% of your fleet this year?  The Lifecycle Leaderboard takes the guesswork out of the equation and tells you exactly which devices need replacing, where they are, and the order they should be deployed.  That’s unparalleled ease of use and a tremendous time-saving capability…and it’s only from ATLAS.

Every phase, every device…the FULL asset lifecycle on one platform.

The most valuable feature of ATLAS AI is its ability to put each phase of the device lifecycle at your fingertips, regardless of device count:

  • Sourcing and Configuration focuses your attention on individual devices and the role they play within the organization.  Automatically update attribute data from existing purchasing and configuration tools to prepare for a successful and efficient deployment.

  • Deployment organizes the staging and delivery of all the devices in your deployment schedule.  Use the digital walk map to optimize installation and account for devices leaving (or moving within) the environment.

  • Secure, Manage, and Refresh expands the scope to every asset in the enterprise, allowing users to interact with, service, and ultimately replace devices to best serve their organization.  


The entire process is “socialized” with the data from each phase, process and integration on a device-level basis.  This ensures the best coordination between all the involved people, processes, and technology for an efficient and smooth cycle…instead of manual, non-congruent, discrete steps.  Throughout it all, ATLAS AI keeps your team working with the proper data so you’re more productive, are able to make faster and better decisions, and have the information you need to manage your environment.

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