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Crowdsouced Inventory

ATLAS AI Crowdsourced Inventory

Inventories, Made Simple

The biggest challenge in conducting inventories has always been finding the time and resources to physically locate all the assets in an environment.  While inventories are critical for operational and financial purposes, they frequently get de-prioritized, overlooked, or skipped altogether because they're manual, time-intensive, and expensive exercises...until now.

ATLAS AI makes inventories simple--and allows you to complete them in a fraction of the time that they take now--by crowdsourcing the task and taking the burden of finding assets off the IT team or service provider.  With special, secure access to digital maps and asset lists, ATLAS AI walks end users through a wizard-guided process of identifying their assets and conducting the inventory for you.  On the backend, ATLAS AI allows you to track the progress of the inventory activity and easily transfer the data collected into an on-going asset management engagement.  ATLAS AI's crowdsourced inventory module can also be used in a one-time project basis as well.

I can literally watch the inventory being done as it happens.

Kerry, ITAM Architect


  • Dramatically reduces the time and expense of completing physical asset inventories

  • Can be augmented with asset surveys to manually update attribute information not collected by system tools

  • Simple, intuitive, and helpful wizard walks the user through the entire process

  • Allows organizations with assets spread across multiple locations to quickly and easily complete a full and accurate inventory 



  • Engages the entire organization in understanding the importance of ITAM principles

  • Immediately useful; no expensive training necessary to positively impact the organization right away

  • Highly accurate; completed by the people who use the assets...and know best where they are 

  • Makes tracking inventory from month-to-month or year-to-year as simple as looking at a digital map

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