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iFileMe Overview: Digital Transformation and Secure Document Sharing

Facilitating a better digital you

iFileMe is a secure, cloud-based platform facilitating the exchange and logical filing of documentation between businesses and consumers (B2C), consumers and businesses (C2B), business to business (B2B), and within organizations.  iFileMe improves workflows and saves time in all aspects of data sharing while giving end users total control over who, what, where, when, why, and how data is exchanged.

iFileMe advantages for the individual user:

  • Eliminate update e-mails (and related spam); personal documents stay and are updated directly in iFileMe

  • Expedite proof of identification and/or registration processes by simply sharing relevant ID information stored in iFileMe

  • Electronically sign any document for any transaction, then automatically retain a copy for your records in iFileMe

  • Maintain complete control over who has access to any component of your personal information; revoke permissions at any time 

  • Always have the latest and most up-to-date version of any document (insurance policy, tax document, vehicle records, etc.) without any mail, printing, or scanning

  • When you update a shared document, every company or individual you share it with immediately receives the update

  • All data is hosted on the exact same platform used by the US Department of Defense

iFileMe advantages for the business user:

  • Assists with KYC (Know Your Client) processes; eliminates missed target-marketing efforts

  • Eliminates or reduces document distribution and logistics expenses by an average of 60%

  • Reduces time to complete document-based workflows

  • Never rely on customers updating their profiles to stay in touch with them--iFileMe keeps you in touch with them anytime, anywhere

  • Optional in-app payment expedites payment processes

  • Know exactly who views the documents you send to customers (i.e. notices, invoices, etc.), how many times they view them, when/where they are, their demographics, etc.

  • iFileMe integrates with your existing systems, pulling them all onto a consolidated platform

  • All data is hosted on the exact same platform used by the US Department of Defense.

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