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GDPR Countdown:

GDPR Compliance with ATLAS CI

GDPR Compliance with ATLAS CI

ELO and iFileMe: A Complete GDPR Compliance Solution

Comprehensive GDPR Compliance from a Single Source

What you need to know about GDPR 

The General Data Protection Regulation​ (GDPR) is a EU-based initiative that will become law on May 25, 2018.  Although originating in the 28-member state bloc of the EU, it will impact all companies exchanging data with EU-based organizations.  The objective of GDPR is to give individuals more control over their personal data, particularly when it comes to sharing information with businesses and other organizations who, if compromised, would pose a catastrophic problem. 


According to the EU's GDPR Commission:


The objective of this new set of rules is to give citizens back control over of their personal data, and to simplify the regulatory environment for business. The data protection reform is a key enabler of the Digital Single Market which the Commission has prioritised. The reform will allow European citizens and businesses to fully benefit from the digital economy.

Compliance with GDPR is compulsory and will carry significant fines for failing to do so.  Organizations generally become compliant in one of two ways:

  1. Conduct an internal audit to identify all versions of personal data, consolidate it to one file in one location, have the individual it's connected to verify the organization's consent to have said data, and edit/update/secure as appropriate, or

  2. Securely pass all personal data back to the individual it's connected to via a secure file-sharing platform, allowing the end user to grant and control consent authorizations

Of these options, the first is far more expensive, time consuming, and maintains liability for data security with the organization.  Option 2 can be implemented nearly immediately and, by shifting the control of sensitive data to the end user, both shifts liability away from companies AND makes it significantly more difficult for hackers to illegally access large amounts of personal data.

Why is the ELO + iFileMe Solution Your Best Option for GDPR Compliance?

ELO and iFileMe, two global market leaders in secure document management and intelligent information sharing, have formed a strategic partnership to securely shift personal data currently held by organizations back to the end user.  This gives individuals significantly greater control over their personal information, dramatically reduces the time and cost of achieving GDPR compliance, and provides a true "cradle-to-grave" document chain of custody. 


There is no other GDPR-compliance offering that enables secure data sharing across the enterprise and with end users as quickly or efficiently as the ELO + iFileMe solution.

Advantages of ELO + iFileMe for the individual end user:

  • Maintain complete control over who has access to any component of your personal information; revoke permissions at any time 

  • Always have the latest and most up-to-date version of any document (insurance policy, tax document, vehicle records, etc.) without any mail, printing, or scanning

  • When you update a shared document, every company or individual you share it with immediately receives the update


Advantages of ELO + iFileMe for the business user:

  • Assists with KYC (Know Your Client) processes; eliminates missed target-marketing efforts

  • Reduces time to complete document-based workflows

  • Shifts data-protection liability away from the organization, giving it back to the person who owns it and is responsible for keeping it up-to-date

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