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...then we're honored.  We keep company with only the best and like to celebrate those friendships by letting others know about them.  Below are some organizations that we believe in and are proud to support.

Saddleback Leather Company and its sister company, Love 41, exist to help people love others around the world.  Sure, they make incredible leather products, but that's a means to a very specific, purpose-based end.  Read the [better-than-any-movie] story of how things started by clicking here.  

When you support Saddleback Leather Company or Love 41 with a purchase, you'll not only have people ask you where you got your briefcase (or bag, or phone case...whatever) literally every place you go, but you'll also be helping bring relief and love to parts of the world that need it most.

ATLAS receives affiliate commissions from Saddleback Leather for sales initiating on this site.

Saddleback Leather

Milford Hills is a destination like no other.  While they offer a tremendous location to experience the natural beauty of Wisconsin's outdoors, hold an unforgettable rustic wedding, or host a truly unique business outing, what makes Milford Hills truly different is their collective desire to help others.  Whether it's providing a getaway for troubled or disadvantaged youth from Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicago to stay off the streets and out of trouble or providing PTSD relief for wounded warriors, Milford Hills has a heart to serve.









ATLAS does not receive renumeration from Milford Hills for this endorsement.

Milford Hills
Grant Cardone

The ATLAS Executives and sales teams have studied and used Grant Cardone's sales training for years.  His 10X methodology takes the approach that everyone is in sales, and his training is inspiring, addicting, and contagious--exactly what you want in your office. 


We're proud to offer Grant's sales training tools as a supplement to our technology solutions, as we believe they can help make every organization or team even better.  The Cardone team wants to make the world a better place by helping others...and so do we.

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ATLAS receives affiliate commissions from Cardone Industries for sales initiating on this site.

ATLAS spends a lot of time in Las Vegas for conventions, meetings, and other business affairs.  One of the things we love doing while there is spending time at the Rescue Mission.  Las Vegas has a unique set of challenges, given it's tremendous tourist business.  Some of the people who come for a weekend away, end up staying much longer and enduring a lot more of "life" than they anticipated.  The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is always there to pick them back up and help them re-engage.  Wonderful people, fantastic focus, big hearts.  Please consider supporting the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, or a rescue mission close to your home.  You never know who's life you'll save.






ATLAS does not receive renumeration from the Las Vegas Rescue Mission for this endorsement.

Rescue Misson

Hero Labradors provides service dogs for wounded warriors to help treat the invisible injuries they suffer from PTSD and similar afflictions. 


Hero Labradors provides their AKC pups at no cost to the veteran, recognizing that they are a key component of the veteran's ability to return to a productive life after serving our country in armed conflict. 


Hero Labradors is 100% volunteer run and appreciates all donations.  Every dollar given is used to offset operational costs and continue their mission.





ATLAS does not receive renumeration from Hero Labradors for this endorsement.

Hero Labradors
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