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ATLAS Expertise: Asset Management and Digital Transformation


We believe that the most valuable asset at any organization is the data generated by its people, processes, and technology.  This is why we developed ATLAS to make the gathering, processing, and distributing of information from each data source in an organization as simple as possible.

The ATLAS infrastructure is both limitlessly adaptable and scalable, making it an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes in nearly any industry.  As a standalone offering, ATLAS is an easy-to-use, highly effective suite of process and asset management tools.  When integrated with disparate technology platforms, ATLAS captures the comparative advantages of each to present a consolidated and highly efficient solution via an incredibly intuitive user interface.  Regardless of your business environment, ATLAS has a single-screen solution to help you find your way to efficiency and success.

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Platform Integration

ATLAS consolidates massive amounts of data from disparate tools onto one pane of glass

While ATLAS is a powerful standalone tool, the real power is in its ability to integrate with disparate software systems and bridge the gap between their functional silos.  In most cases, this means integrating with multiple "best-in-breed" tools to harness the output from an organization's people, processes, and technology (such as systems configuration tools, service desk software, client relationship management systems, accounting platforms, etc.) and present the data as immediately actionable information on a single pane of glass.  The advantage of this approach over, for example, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool is that ATLAS allows clients to capture the comparative advantage of each of the systems they've already invested in with no need to "rip and replace" or learn to use a complicated new platform.  With ATLAS, your existing tools work they way you always wished they would--together--and all through an easy-to-use interface that only takes a few minutes to master.

ATLAS Platform Integration helps you find your way through the maze of complicated, disparate tools you currently use and makes financial, operational, and business development decision making easier.

Platform Integration

Workflow Optimization

It's seldom the tools that cause inefficiencies, it's how they're used

ATLAS helps streamline and optimize workflows by capturing the specific steps in each process, systematically defining them, then integrating disparate software tools, human-to-human interaction, and if necessary, location-based technology to eliminate "noise" and introduce efficiencies and economies of scale to previously manual endeavors.  From here, ATLAS pulls multi-source data into a consolidated, interactive, single-screen executive dashboard that displays up-to-the-minute financial, operational, and business development information alongside a simple-to-understand process tracking system that reports the status of each workflow automatically.

ATLAS Workflow Optimization helps you find your way through the manual inefficiencies of your current workflows and reduces the time and effort it takes to get things done.

Workflow Optimization


Some data just can't be captured automatically, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult

One of the most painful processes any organization can undertake is manually collecting data through assessments or surveys.  The data is rarely normalized, consistent, or accessible on a common platform and requires significant manual intervention to make it useful.  ATLAS changes this and integrates the ability to gather individual survey data with other workflow components to make collecting non-systematic data simple to process and analyze, all with no manual intervention.  

ATLAS Assessments help you find your way through the frustrations of non-systematic data gathering and consolidates normalized, consistent data in an easily accessible format.


Business Intelligence

Data is the number one asset in any organization

ATLAS tools can be configured in a completely integrated solution that tracks and manages data from all aspects of business operations.  A true "digital transformation" solution, ATLAS makes retrieving key information as easy as tapping an icon on a map or viewing a custom configured dashboard instead of trying to locate what you need in disparate spreadsheets or tools.  Whether your data is from IT devices, facilities management, health and safety/military equipment, fleet resources, livestock--you name it--ATLAS will help you store, catalog, sort, filter, and access information for individual items more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

ATLAS helps you find your way through cumbersome text-based data repositories and management tools,  presenting information critical to your strategic management needs in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Business Intelligence

Intuitive Custom User Interface

Making complex tools easy to use

ATLAS is so intuitive and simple to use that sometimes people want to use our interface for their application. We've spent a lot of time developing a tool that is so easy to use that most end users are up and running with ATLAS in less than 5 minutes with zero formal training.  Whether it's just one platform that needs a UX makeover or several of them integrated together, ATLAS is the ideal user interface.

Intuitive UI
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