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ATLAS AI for Device as a Service (DaaS)

Brand-agnostic device, user, and role optimization tool for IT organizations

Device as a Service (DaaS) is redefining the client relationship dynamic, giving you an opportunity to exceed service expectations while minimizing cost and strain on resources.

A DaaS offering, supported by ATLAS AI, makes IT budgeting predictable, provides uninterrupted cradle-to-grave lifecycle support, and gives clients peace of mind that their end users have the tools to work at peak efficiency.  No matter the devices, asset types, or manufacturers, DaaS helps your clients get the most out of their IT environment.

The New Normal

DaaS improves the efficiency of the device, user, and role to achieve a desired outcome.  Computing devices, in turn, are merely a component of the service delivery model.  Clients don't necessarily want the "latest and greatest" devices on their desks; they want the RIGHT device that matches the user and role.  It's the classic challenge of optimizing people, processes, and technology...and ATLAS AI gives you the tools to do it.

Advantages of DaaS with ATLAS AI

  • Lower cost of service delivery - shifts your service team from reactionary to predictive

  • Precise refresh - ATLAS AI tools show you exactly which devices need priority in the refresh process

  • Greater end user device reliability - users are matched with devices that best fit their role

  • World-class business intelligence reporting - onboard BI tools analyze data from multiple sources

  • A powerful, yet simple-to-use interface - "social" devices present the data you need in a custom newsfeed

  • Holistic view of environment - disparate tool integrations capture data from people, processes and technology

  • Brand agnostic - works with any device manufacturer and system tool platform

  • Every device or any device - follow all the devices in an environment, or just a target sub-population  

From Discrete Steps to Continuous Cycle


The most valuable feature of ATLAS AI is its ability to put each phase of the device lifecycle at your fingertips, regardless of device count:

  • Sourcing and Configuration focuses your attention on individual devices and the role they play within the organization.  Automatically update attribute data from existing purchasing and configuration tools to prepare for a successful and efficient deployment.

  • Deployment organizes the staging and delivery of all the devices in your deployment schedule.  Use the digital walk map to optimize installation and account for devices leaving (or moving within) the environment.

  • Secure, Manage, and Refresh expands the scope to every asset in the enterprise, allowing users to interact with, service, and ultimately replace devices to best serve their organization.  

Putting "Value" back in "Value-Add Reseller"


One of the greatest threats facing IT service providers today is relegation to "vendor" status.  A DaaS offering, supported by ATLAS AI, gives you a strategic role in your clients' decision making processes—far beyond being "shopped" for the lowest box prices.  In so doing, you'll also lower your service delivery costs, increase client satisfaction and enhance productivity for everyone.  Now, that's value-add.

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