Custom Development


Great people make great things.  Our primary applications, ATLAS AI and iFileMe are such popular tools that it's natural for us to be asked to do "side jobs" from time to time.


Over the years, we've completed custom hand crafted, functional, and beautiful projects for clients in nearly every time zone around the world.  


Have a custom idea in mind?  We'll help you take your spark and ignite a flame.  We look forward to working with you.

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Custom asset management data integration project for IT VAR

Since ATLAS AI relies heavily on bulletproof integrations to aggregate data from across disparate databases, it only makes sense that we'd be asked to create custom apps with that same level of integration expertise.

Need to build custom integrations for an existing application?  Need us to build you a new one from scratch?  No sweat.  We'll hand craft you a functional, beautiful tool you'll use for years.

ATLAS custom designed a fire inspection survey tool for a business digital transformation

When data can't be automatically taken in to a system for one reason or another, it has to be manually input.  In order to maintain consistency and compliance, your system has to both work well and be intuitive.  

We've built just such tools for large and small clients alike. Rest assured there's nothing you're thinking of right now that we can handle...and make awesome for you.


At some point in your company's growth, keeping track of employee information on a spreadsheet simply isn't going to cut it anymore.  Whether you have to keep track of people, assets, livestock, vehicles—whatever, we've built a rock solid app in the past to accommodate your need.

ATLAS custom membership directory and CRM

Because our ATLAS AI Mapping Module is so popular for assets, building an application for less dynamic "assets," like trade show booths, is natural for us.  Whether you need a map to navigate the expo hall or something much more robust that includes multimedia and data collection, we've done it.

ATLAS custom designs tradeshow and event applications with floormaps, exhibitor info, and session media

It doesn't matter how powerful an app is, if it's designed poorly, it's unusable.  Our team at ALTAS is uniquely capable of handling both ends of that spectrum.  Our backend team and front end designers work hand-in-hand to make sure everything that leaves our shop is going to make you say "Oh Wow!"

ATLAS offers expert UX, design, and marketing services