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ATLAS AI Business Intelligence

Data is the number one asset in any organization

Data, in the absence of context, is useless.  Yet organizations waste the potential from massive amounts of data produced by people, processes, and technology every day because they don't have a mechanism to convert it to actionable information.    


ATLAS AI's onboard Business Intelligence (BI) tools—a suite of both proprietary algorithms and a configurable world class BI engine—give both context and form to all the data produced by any process, workflow, or organization and presents it in an easy to understand format.  Headlining this is our proprietary Lifecycle Leaderboard, a tool that ranks the assets in your environment in the order they are likely to fail based on your experiential data.  This a powerful tool for refresh and purchasing decisions.  The rest of the BI suite makes retrieving key information across multiple platforms as simple as tapping a trend line on a graph or drilling down through a dashboard chart. No more copying and pasting or manually importing data from tool to tool...ATLAS AI puts it all at your fingertips.

Already use a BI tool in your organization?  No problem.  Integrate it alongside our embedded tools so your data and operations are consolidated on one screen. Need help setting up custom BI dashboards?  We've got you covered.  Our team of BI experts are available and ready to create a beautiful, functional place for your data to land.


  • Integrates with your existing and new data

  • Eliminates manual data amalgamation and analysis

  • Configurable to present the reports and alerts you need

  • BI engine proven effective in dozens of industries around the world


  • Saves time and resources analyzing data from across multiple platforms

  • Eliminates human bias and errors; reports are objective, based on experiential data

  • Puts key operational, financial, and systems information at users' fingertips

  • Have different BI parameters based on client, asset type, location, etc.

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