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ATLAS AI for Automotive Dealerships

Streamlining Dealer Operations

The methodologies and workflows developed within ATLAS AI for Auto Dealerships were designed with over 20 years of dealership operations experience focused on a singular purpose: making running an automotive dealership easier and less expensive.  ATLAS AI for Automotive Dealerships integrates with your existing tools to make critical workflows visual and simple to track.  


A powerful financial dashboard, automated reconditioning tracker, digital police book, sales leaderboard and real-time inventory/floor check tool puts your dealership operations—whether one store or several spread across the country—at your fingertips.

ATLAS AI for Auto Operations Videos

ATLAS AI for Auto Operations Videos

Click on the links below to learn more about the areas that ATLAS AI helps you run your dealership more efficiently:

ATLAS integrates with your existing dealership tools to provide information from multiple sources on one screen, helping you make better decisions for your dealership.

ATLAS AI keeps an automatic, digital police book to help manage title workflows across a single store or an entire auto group.

ATLAS gives you a precise, realtime view of your vehicle inventory (including lot location) for planning, sales, and floorplan tracking.

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Using data integrated from multiple dealership tools, departments, and processes, the CFO Dashboard tells you precisely how profitable you are at any point in time.

ATLAS integrates with dealership tools to calculate and display up-to-the-minute sales activity and results on a digital leaderboard.

ATLAS AI's systems integrations and project tracking gives dealers a systematic approach to reconditioning that reduces the time it takes to sell vehicles.

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Dealer Systems Integration

Full visibility into all your key dealership systems, on one pane of glass

One of the biggest obstacles to efficient dealership operations is created by the number of systems used to store or process operational data.  Tools like Dealer Management Systems (DMS), Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), contracts databases, web apps, parts ordering systems, even a manually-updated police book are all meant to help with a specific job function in the dealership, but when they're not integrated, the silos between them cause inefficiencies.

ATLAS AI eliminates the errors and inefficiencies of trying to manually merge the key data from disparate dealer tools by pulling it all onto a common platform and giving access to the combined information on one pane of glass. For instance, sales data from a CRM, accounting information from a DMS, and open item expenses from the service department can all be merged onto a single vehicle profile to give a clear, up-to-the-minute view of whether a sale will be profitable or not.  Further, with mobile device and web portal access, ATLAS AI gives users a powerful operations management tool and insight into both day-to-day and strategic activities from anywhere, at any time.  


Dealer Systems Integration Advantages:​

  • Use as a standalone tool or integrated with multiple systems tools

  • Intuitive and easy to use from anywhere on a computer or mobile device

  • Makes management of massive data across multiple systems and locations very simple

  • Eliminates ambiguity and confusion in trying to match data from disparate sources 


Dealer Systems Integration Benefits:

  • Never spend time manually creating a report again

  • Data is always relevant--as old data is replaced in other systems, it's automatically updated in ATLAS

  • Visually presents large amounts of information in a simple, immediately actionable format

  • All departments across the dealership or auto group are in sync and working toward a common objective

  • No one is ever waiting on anyone else to "get them the information" they need to do their job


CFO Dashboard

Know your profitability right now, with one click

ATLAS AI's CFO dashboard displays up-to-the-minute cost and operational data collected across the dealership's people, processes, and technology and allows business leaders to know their profitability before the books close each month.  Customizable and easy to use, the CFO dashboard allows users to "drill down" into any sub-set of data by simply tapping on any of the graphs to isolate specific items and make immediate adjustments for maximum profitability.


CFO Dashboard Advantages:

  • Intuitive and extraordinarily simple to use

  • Allows leaders to quickly identify profitability constraints and take action

  • Combines data from across multiple platforms in near real-time for instant profitability of an individual sale, the store, or the entire automotive group

  • Custom date range filtering abilities


CFO Dashboard Benefits:

  • Makes projecting financial reporting much easier and more accurate

  • See an accurate, up-to-the-minute view of financial information anytime, anywhere

  • Display is filterable for general or very defined views

  • No more manually-run financial reports; the CFO Dashboard gathers the data automatically and refreshes with every dataset update


Title Tracker and Police Book

Merges 3 processes into 1 to eliminate the hassle of tracking and complying with title requirements

ATLAS AI combines 3 of the most time consuming and frustrating office processes into one, simple, automated portal with the Title Tracker and Digital Police Book.  Rather than separately updating an inventory tracking tool, a title tracking database, and a manual police book log with title information, ATLAS-Auto embeds title accountability with the Instant Inventory and Automated Recon Tracker features, meaning title data is only entered once.  Once in ATLAS, dealership personnel can receive alerts if titles are expected but not received or are in a particular status too long.  Additionally, ATLAS AI's digital police book pulls all required vehicle data automatically so the office staff doesn't need to do it manually, and to provide peace of mind that the dealerships stays in compliance.  


Title Tracker and Digital Police Book Advantages:​

  • Intuitive and extraordinarily simple to use

  • Consolidates 3 time consuming steps into 1

  • Integrates title information with other ATLAS AI features

  • Allows dealers to store massive amounts of vehicle details, history, and records all in one easily-accessible digital location

  • Reduces likelihood of human error by streamlining title data handling processes


Title Tracker and Digital Police Book Benefits:​

  • Enterprise-grade storage allows for massive data housing and years of vehicle title data

  • Makes it easy to rapidly recall title data for audits, reviews, trend analysis, etc.

  • Eliminates many costly, time-consuming dealership tasks; reduces labor costs

  • Makes it simple to comply with state audits--simply share a link to your police book and the auditors can complete the inspection without coming on-site  

  • Powerful search, sort, and filter capabilities make it easy to find individual title information 


Digital Sales Leaderboard

Instant visibility to up-to-the-minute sales team activity

Every dealership has one.  It's usually in the break room or office--a whiteboard that tracks each salesperson's successes for the month.  Great idea, but impractical execution.   ATLAS AI improves on this concept by integrating with the dealership's CRM to display not only sales information, but sales activity—so store leaders know who is actively selling and who needs motivating.  It also displays data across a designated date range, so GM's and auto group owners can view activity over time to see trends and historical results; because ATLAS AI is web based, they can view this any time, anywhere on their computers or mobile devices.  What used to be hidden from managers who didn't have regular access to the whiteboard is now available in real time. 


Digital Sales Leaderboard Advantages:

  • Integrates with CRM to show more than just salesman-reported results

  • Consolidates sales data from multiple stores on one screen for owners/managers of multiple locations

  • Makes tracking performance for incentive-based promotions simple and objective


Digital Sales Leaderboard Benefits:​

  • Automatically updates; no wasted time spent manually updating a dry erase board or spreadsheet

  • Always displays current information

  • Requires no wall space; available digitally any time, anywhere on a mobile device

  • User-defined time span allows for historical viewing/reporting

  • Enterprise-grade storage allows for massive data housing and years of sales data

  • Sort/filter/search by individual, store, or any attribute tracked on the leaderboard