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ATLAS AI Asset Maps

Makes data visual...and simple to interpret

How many times have you gone looking for something in a place you thought it was supposed to be, only to find that it moved or has been replaced?​  That's doubly frustrating during an inventory, service call, or just when you're in a hurry to get something done.  Not knowing where something is when you're looking for it can ruin your day.

ATLAS AI solves this issue by taking the data you historically view (and hope to be accurate) in several spreadsheets and presents it as easily understood information that you interact with on a digital map.  The intuitive interface makes it simple to find the exact information you need (especially an asset's location...or when the location has changed) to service or inventory an asset.

From the mapping module, you can run "current-versus-future state" scenarios, conduct network-based inventories, or utilize any number of real-time location services (RTLS) to see how assets move and interact in your environment, all without having to leave your desk.  With ATLAS AI's mapping capability, you truly have unprecedented insight into your assets and how they're utilized.


  • Reduces asset inventory time by as much as 99%

  • Helps users visually manage projects and asset deployments

  • Intuitive and simple to interpret

  • Eliminates location ambiguity and confusion due to human error 



  • Visually displays alerts and updates from disparate systems

  • Immediately useful; no expensive training necessary to positively impact the organization right away

  • A simple, yet powerful tool to manage moves, adds, and changes (MAC's)

  • Saves time; new personnel or temporary contractors can easily find assets for service, audits, inventory, etc.

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