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ATLAS AI Overview: Enterprise Asset Management & Business Intelligence

This is not your father's asset management solution

Every organization is built on three pillars: people, processes, and technology.  Each of these creates a tremendous amount of valuable operating data.  Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of this data is ever captured and utilized in strategic decision making—most is stuck in data or department silos.  Facilities management has a set of systems tools, IT has another, sales still another, HR another yet, and the C-suite looks at an entirely different set altogether.  In reality, however, data from people, processes, and technology are all linked and, in aggregate, are crucial for the best business decisions.  What’s needed is a tool powerful enough to assimilate data from all three areas while remaining simple and intuitive enough to actually use.  Enter ATLAS AI.

ATLAS AI integrates disparate data sources to bring actionable information to one incredibly intuitive platform.

ATLAS AI is a powerful, customizable application that pulls massive amounts of data directly from disparate software tools and user inputs, then delivers immediately actionable information for everything from day-to-day operations to strategic long-term planning.  ATLAS AI can also integrate with location-based technology like RFID, GPS, etc., to provide unparalleled visibility and interaction with large, widely-distributed organizations.  Ideal for any kind of asset management, physical inventory activity, service operations, lifecycle refresh, or project tracking, ATLAS AI conquers the confusion of big data and brings clarity and focus to executing your organization’s mission.


You can access your customized ATLAS AI configuration anytime, anywhere.  This means asset-related activities that currently require multiple tools and several days to accomplish can all be processed on one screen in minutes. ATLAS AI makes your systems tools work better…together.

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