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Enterprise Asset Management




Just knowing where your assets are in an environment is daunting enough, let alone auditing, optimizing, and refreshing them.  In most scenarios, one tool does one of these tasks, another does something else, 2 or 3 others provide some ancillary support, and what isn't done systematically falls on someone's desk for human intervention...and human error. The status quo of asset management is manual processes with some systems support. Workflows are disparate and disjointed; results are disappointing.

ATLAS AI changes all of this.

Asset Management Refreshed
ATLAS AI Asset Management Dashboard

Most organizations have multiple systems to help manage their asset-related tasks and workflows. These systems, in turn, generate massive amounts of data, nearly all of which is "siloed" and inaccessible to other platforms.

ATLAS AI integrates data from across disparate systems, providing users with a normalized, unified view of their assets.  

Systems Integrations
ATLAS AI Asset Management Onboard BI Tools

Behind a beautiful and intuitive UI is a powerful suite of user-designed features and capabilities that comprise a truly optimized, cradle-to-grave asset management experience.

At the heart of it all is the exclusive Lifecycle Leaderboard and a world-class enterprise BI engine.  With ATLAS AI, you'll have custom reports and alerts that will make your organization run smoother than ever.

Business Intelligence

Our clients refer to ATLAS AI as "the Facebook of Asset Management."  It's because we make using AI as simple as following a friend on any social network.  


Get updates from specific devices right in your newsfeed.  Chat with other users right in the app. Tag co-workers in notes about devices or clients. If you can use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you already know how to use ATLAS AI.

ATLAS AI Asset Management Social Asset Profile
Social Assets

Humans naturally interpret visual data more efficiently than text.  That's why ATLAS AI gives you the ability to take data out of spreadsheets, tables, and databases to interact with on a digital map.  Perfect for everything from inventories to service calls, AI's interactive maps save time, money, and headaches.

ATLAS AI Asset Management Asset Mapping

The biggest challenge in conducting inventories has always been finding the time and resources to physically locate all the assets in an environment.  While inventories are critical for operational and financial purposes, they frequently get de-prioritized, overlooked, or skipped altogether because they're manual, time-intensive, and expensive exercises...until now.

ATLAS AI Asset Management Social Asset Profile
Crowdsourced Inventory
Uses and Industries

ATLAS AI applications span industries, disciplines, and continents.  Our clients come from IT, automotive, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail, government, politics, and many more.  In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find an situation where ATLAS AI doesn't fit.

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